Biggidy Balm Testimonials


Customers Love Biggidy Balm and We Love to Hear it!

In fact, the rave reviews we’ve received over the years that inspired us to create the very best skin protection we could!

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Chapped Skin

“The truth about the product is that it makes my skin feel like it’s summer, even in the winter!  My hands would get cracked and bleed from chopping wood every winter.  I had a routine of using three products: lotion, salve, and oils.  Not any more!  Biggidy Balm healed up my chapped hands so quick, I threw out my “Burts Bees” and ordered another jar from Dr. Jon!  I gave my first jar to a friend with psoriasis, and it’s helping her too!  Biggidy Balm works better and longer than any other balm or skin cream I’ve every used.”  — J.B. Windham, CT

Diaper Rash

“My 2-year old son had the worst case of diaper rash that lasted for weeks.  I tried every kind of ointment, cream, and lotion I could get from my doctor and the pharmacy.  Nothing worked.  Finally, my husband suggested I try Biggidy Balm.  Seeing as nothing else would work, I gave it a try.  By the next diaper change his rash was almost completely gone!  After 3 diaper changes there was no sign of rash anywhere.  In our household, we use Biggidy Balm for everything!  I swear by it, because it really works.  And, it keeps me beautiful!”  — N.B. Milford, CT


“I work as a barber, and have to keep my hands in the best shape possible.  I used to struggle with tiny cuts and scrapes from handling hair and cutting tools.  It is important that the skin on my hands stays healthy, and Biggidy Balm is the very best daily treatment for skin I’ve ever used.  I always make sure to have some on hand, and carry a trial-sized container in my pocket wherever I go.” — G.A. South Meriden, CT


“My Westie Terrier is a wonderful companion, and I do everything I can to give her the very best care, like she were my child.  My heart has been broken for years, watching her itch herself uncontrollably due to her skin allergies.  Any tiny scrape or cut, or chemical contact would cause her to welt-up all red and puffy.  She would scratch herself uncontrollably, and wouldn’t stop till it was raw and bleeding.  I tried everything the Vets could suggest.  Nothing worked until I came across Biggidy Balm.  The minute I applied it, she did stopped scratching.  Within a few days it was healed up completely.  I am completely amazed how well and how fast it works!  I’m so happy I have finally found something I can do to help my baby.” D.M. Baltic, CT


“My name is Kathleen.  I have been using Biggidy Balm for about a year.  I love the combination of the ingredients; the herbs are wonderful.  The consistency of balm is nice and thick so i can rub and massage into my skin.  I have a skin issue and this is very soothing.  I also feel Dr. Jon knows his stuff; i have studied herbs my whole life; raised my daughter, animals with herbs and continue to with myself.  I would recommend this product without a doubt.  Nicely done, Doc.” K.A.R. Foxboro, MA


“I work with stained glass and have many minor cuts.  Biggidy Balm is a miracle salve, in my opinion.  Burn, scratch, minor cut ~ just rub a tiny bit on the area, and overnight it seems to heal and almost disappear!  The best I’ve found and have tried many products.” – Joan Rancourt, Meriden, CT