CyberScan is a biofeedback device utilizing scalar frequencies / quantum information.


Introducing the CyberScan Professional Biofeedback Device
The CyberScan Professional is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a licensed  practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient’s cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation and various other prescription uses, such as stress relief and potential improvement of the immune system. Patients and practitioners using CyberScan frequencies have reported benefits on all levels of well-being: physical, emotional, and mental.
Cyberscan is an advanced biofeedback device made in Germany utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology based upon the works of physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla and Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research (P.E.A.R.). It is completely consistent with all the laws of physics and, in particular, can be explained by quantum physics.
The goal of CyberScan’s physiological balancing treatment in using focused electromagnetic (EM) waves is to stimulate improvement of systemic functions as well as improving stress tolerance levels.
The CyberScan Professional is CE certified as a Class II Therapy Device. The Device Certification GMBH audit has proven, that this quality system meets all requirements according to Annex VI Section 3 of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning therapy devices.
Stress Reduction
Stress affects us all. The deleterious effects of excess stress have been well documented in a wide range of medical publications.
Thousands of research articles, studies and books prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that stress can be a factor in any disease, as it alters biochemistry and neurological functioning, and can weaken the immune system and the digestive tract.
This neuro-psychological-immuno link is well established in many peer reviewed medical journals on Psychoneuroimmunology.
The Fight or Flight Response
Stress can trigger the body’s response to perceived threat or danger, the Fight-or-Flight response. During this reaction, certain hormones like adrenalin and cortisol are released, speeding the heart rate, slowing digestion, shunting blood flow to major muscle groups, and changing various other autonomic nervous functions, giving the body a burst of energy and strength. Originally named for its ability to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with danger, it’s now activated in situations where neither response is appropriate, like in traffic or during a stressful day at work.
When the perceived threat is gone, systems are designed to return to normal function via the relaxation response, but in times of chronic stress, this often doesn’t happen, causing damage to the body if stress is not reduced and managed.
Many people think of stress only in terms of things like deadlines at work, family or relationship stress, financial pressures, traffic jams, or the death of a loved one perhaps. However, stress reactions also occur on the unconscious, cellular, subtle or energetic levels each time we are exposed to a toxin, pathogen or allergen; and every time our body experiences a nutritional deficiency or excess.
Biofeedback Session
During a CyberScan Biofeedback session, the client places his/her hands on an electro-sensor and/or wears headphones.
The hand cradles comfortably read electrical impulses from the body and send the information to the computer which acts as a monitoring device. The biofeedback practitioner is able to educate the client as to what specific areas of the body / mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback device to the computer screen.
These data findings allow the client to better understand their reactions to stress and learn how to better control their physiological responses.
During a CyberScan Biofeedback session, the biofeedback practitioner is also able to educate the client as to what specific areas of the body / mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback device to the computer screen. While the biofeedback process is completely non-invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management support system allows relaxation and increased ability for the body to heal.
The body is designed to heal itself! The process of biofeedback is not to heal – but to help the body remember the balanced and stress free state. When it is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, this process of self-regeneration often happens naturally.
Disclaimer: Neither biofeedback therapists nor biofeedback devices are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical or psychological disease, disorder or condition.

Dr Jere Taylor Rivera Dugenio Quantum Medicine as an Effective Method to Balancing the Immune System

Benefits of Cyberscan:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve sleep and dream recall
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce addictions
  • Improved general health
  • Reduce aging factors
  • Enhanced muscle mobility
  • Reduce digestive disorders
  • Enhance detoxification
Cyberscan supports and balances the immune system to reduce stress that may be caused by:
  • Infections
  • Fungi
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Pesticides-Herbicides-Insecticides
  • Mercury and other Heavy Metals
  • Electro-smog
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Radioactive Elements
  • Psyche: Emotional or Mental
  • Energetic Distortions
  • Teeth


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