Autoimmune recovery starts with healthy gut bacteria — brand new research

Stumbling around the internet, I found this gem today on of all places!

Here’s the gist:

Two studies: one on mice, one on humans.

Both link a single gut bacteria to autoimmune arthritis.

How does it work?

The human study named one particular nasty bug: Prevotella copri.  When this bacteria flourishes in the gut, we see the body develop more inflammatory (Th17) immune cells in the area.  Th17 cells release signals that create more local inflammation in the gut wall, and more inflammation bodywide, ultimately leading to destruction of the joints.

How this is useful?

People that are treated see two things: healthier gut flora and reversal of symptoms.

Naturopathic interventions to reduce intestinal inflammation, rebuild the gut wall, and restore the environment for healthy gut bacteria to flourish can help to eliminate the disease at a place much closer to the root cause.

And we do it naturally!


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About the Author : Dr. Jon Ritz

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