Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Football-Players – 99% of Autopsied Footballers have it!!!— The Methods Man

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The current report, from the lab of Dr. Ann McKee – one of the pre-eminent researchers in this area – documents the autopsy results of 202 former football players. Not all of them were professional – a few only had high school exposure, for example. Of the 202 individuals, 44 had mild CTE, and 133 had severe CTE.

Risk of CTE was higher with more years of football playing and with playing at a higher level. 110 of 111 – that’s 99% – of former NFL players had CTE.

On the high end, the study is a true random sample and 99% of NFL players have CTE

The question everyone is asking, of course:  how prevalent is CTE in these athletes?

I have some ideas why it’s so prevalent, and it’s because we’re not doing enough to help the athletes recover from the injuries as they happen.  If I could name ONE THING that can help: homeopathic ARNICA.  Before and after events that can cause trauma to the brain, ARNICA is the first thing I’d recommend.  After that…there are physiotherapy devices/modalities that accelerate/unlock complete recovery: PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field)which I use as a function of my TrueRife machine; SCENAR biofeedback; Hyperbaric oxygen; Pulsed Infrared, Laser (like the Erchonia and Thor)…and then there are brain-recovery herbs and nutrients…I digress.

Source: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Football-Players — The Methods Man

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