Ozone therapy offered in office for treatment of infected and non-healing wounds, ear and sinus infections, mouth and gum infections, colitis.

We use Cold Plasma-generated ozone, via TrueRife technology.

Plasma ozone is superior to all other forms of ozone generation for two main reasons.  It is safer, and more effective.

  • First, there are no harmful byproducts created during the process.   The most commonly used ozone generators use ultraviolet (UV) and Corona Discharge (spark generator), which can turn nitrogen in the atmosphere into harmful nitrosamines.  A high degree of care and caution must be employed when using UV and Corona discharge.  However, Cold Plasma does NOT create these harmful byproducts.
  • Second, the ozone that is created is of much higher orders of energy.  While UV and Corona Discharge typically only create O3, the Cold Plasma method creates O3, O4, O5, O6, and even O7!  These molecules are more energy-rich, with higher penetrating effects, and stronger oxygenation.

The typical ozone treatment lasts about 30 minutes.